2nd Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Group in India

Країна: Індія

Місто: Mumbai

Тези до: 15.08.2015

Дати: 19.12.15 — 21.12.15

Область наук: Філософські;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету: psgi.conference@gmail.com

Організатори: Centre for Science, Technology and Society, Tata Institute of Social Sciences


The philosophy of science, while a relatively new topic of study in the long span of philosophical inquiry, has come to occupy a central place in the discipline. Besides addressing traditional epistemological, metaphysical and ethical questions as applied to the practice of science, contemporary philosophers of science engage fruitfully with foundational questions that arise within particular scientific theories, blurring the artificial boundaries between philosophy and science. As a consequence, the field offers great potential for interdisciplinary interaction between philosophers and scientists, leading to clearer analyses of difficult scientific concepts and the application of new scientific discoveries to traditional philosophical questions.

Despite the importance and dynamism of the field internationally, philosophy of science remains a nascent discipline in India. The community of researchers is small, and students often feel unprepared to tackle a subject that requires knowledge not only of philosophy but also of science. The philosophy of science group was formed with the intention of overcoming these obstacles – to encourage young scholars to conduct high-quality research in the philosophy of science, and to provide a space for the existing philosophy of science community to collaborate and exchange ideas.

After a productive preliminary meeting in December 2013 at the University of Hyderabad, we intend to host a larger and more intensive meeting at the end of 2015 with these two purposes in mind. The meeting will consist of two events – a pedagogical workshop intended to get interested young researchers up to speed on the central problems in contemporary philosophy of science, and a conference where prominent scholars in the discipline from both India and abroad will present and discuss their latest research. The meeting will emphasize the ability of philosophy to tackle deep problems of contemporary concern, and the potential for philosophy to contribute to the progress of scientific disciplines. We expect a number of internationally renowned scholars to attend, so participants will be able to learn from and interact with leaders in the field.

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