Freedom of Culture – Culture of Freedom

Країна: Польща

Місто: Lodz

Тези до: 01.09.2015

Дати: 03.10.15 — 04.10.15

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: University of Lodz


In 2015, 800 years has elapsed since the adoption of Magna Carta , regarded as the symbolic beginning of parliamentary culture and the cornerstone of British democracy. Its spread in the era of Great Britain’s colonial expansion influenced governance of many countries that were hewn from the Empire’s fabric, increased t he popularity of the myth of Britishness, and enhanced the development of democratic values throughout the world. We believe that the forthcoming anniversary is a great opportunity to reconsider Magna Carta ’s legacy and its notions of freedom in culture, p olitics and mass media. We invite researchers dealing with cultural, literary, political and media studies, as well as those working in the fields of art, history, anthropology and ethnology, or any other area with the interest in the proposed topic. The conference aims to create a forum for discussions for representatives of educational and cultural institutions, media, social and non - governmental organizations, as well as activists fighting for  freedom, human rights and equality.

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