International HR Conference on Employee Engagement

Країна: Індія

Місто: Mumbai

Тези до: 15.09.2015

Дати: 04.02.16 — 05.02.16

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Організатори: K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research


The never ending quest of business organizations and academia to enhance employee performance in their work  roles  and  keep  burnout  at  bay  inspired  the emergence  of  Employee  Engagement  (EE) .It  has  become  a  buz z  word  in  the  arena  of  business  management,  industrial  relations and organizational  behavior .  It  has  been  differently  viewed  and  defined  ever  since  it  was  coined  by  Kahn  (1990),  who  had  o pined  that  engagement  manifests when individuals express themselves physically, cognitively, and emotionally during performances of  their  role s .  Researches  about  i ts  nature,  measurement  (Gallup  Workplace  Audit,  2002),  antecedents  and  consequences and best practices h ave shaped the construct of EE .

Studies about EE have been d iverse and wide ranging. D ebates continue unabated on whether it is an attitude or  behavior, state or trait, an i ndividual or a group phenomenon.  An engaged employee is seen as someone who is  involved,  committed,  and  passionate demonstrating discretionary  behavior.  Its proven  linkages  to bottom  line  outcomes such as job performance, discretionary  effort, customer satisfaction ,  productivity and  fewer t urnover ( Saks,  2006) has  made  it  popular .  Consequently,  models,  frameworks,  strategies,  tools  and  techniques  have  always  dominated  the  landscape  of  EE  literature. It has  been  viewed  as  being  different  yet  related  to  Psychological  Empowerment,  Intrinsic  Mot ivation,  Organizational  Citizenship  Behavior ,  Job  Satisfaction,  Organizational  Commitment,  Employee  Well - being  and  Happiness  amongst  others.  EE  will  continue  to  be  redefined and reviewed in the future.

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