The Second International Social Work Conference

Країна: Малайзія

Місто: Penang

Тези до: 20.09.2015

Дати: 02.12.15 — 03.12.15

Область наук: Соціологічні;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: Universiti Sains Malaysia


Diversity is the norm of our daily life today, more so since globalization. Responding to this phenomenon, social work as a profession makes it pivotal to celebrate and respect diversity in this complex system of the world. It is a more common thing now to live with people of different cultures, religions, socio-economic statuses and even sexual orientations.

With diversity, issues emerge and may hinder people with different backgrounds to live harmoniously together. Issues such as discrimination and oppression prevent some people from getting the best out of life, hence diminishing their quality of life. Thus, the need for the eminent role of social workers in our society. It has been one of the pillars of the social work practice to ensure that social justice is upheld for all people, regardless of backgrounds. Social work practitioners make it their mission to see to it that there is competency in engaging people with different backgrounds in their practice.

There are many examples where diversity becomes a part of human lives. It can be seen from the simplest case of the divide between the poor and the rich to the more complex case of a community where refugees settle in. However the diversity takes places, it is of crucial importance that everyone is entitled to their own self-development that leads to a better quality of life.

This conference provides a platform for academics, students, practitioners, and policy-makers to come forward with an idea in their mind: Celebrating diversity. It is hoped that by sharing knowledge, works, ideas, and thoughts, the social work profession, revolving around other complementary fields such as psychology, sociology, economics, and political science, the process of developing social work practice in a diverse world become stronger and firmer.

It is against this theme that the Institut Sosial Malaysia (ISM), an agency under the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, and Universiti Sains Malaysia are collaborating to organize the 2nd International Social Work Conference 2015 with the theme: “Celebrating Diversity in One World” to be held at Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Penang, 2-3 December 2015.

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