International Extension Education Conference

Країна: Індія

Місто: Varanasi

Тези до: 15.10.2015

Дати: 27.01.16 — 30.01.16

Область наук: Педагогічні;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: Department of Extension Education,BHU,Varanasi


The objective of this conference is to invite worldwide scholar and stake holders on agricultural education and extension to share their expertise, experiences, to analyze the present situation of extension teaching, research and extension services, and to build the future course of action. In the process there is a need to observe the gap, changes, perception, demands and re-evaluate the scope and importance of extension education, extension services and its future.
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Agricultural extension education plays an important role in agricultural and rural development throughout the world. Systematic education and training, as reflected in higher education curricula, are essential to the success of extension professional. However, due to changes in the society and the ever-changing fields of agriculture and rural development, there is a significant challenge in keeping agricultural and extension education curricula relevant for the present as well as future. University and government budget cuts have impacted public sector extension preparation system; decrease support from the governments, the private sector and donors is evident worldwide. A challenge conforting educators, researchers and institutions is how to anticipate and adjust to trends in agriculture, agricultural education, and extension education. In many countries the divison of extension education has either closed or the names of the discipline changed and modified to meet the emerging requirements. Now is the time to re-examine the scope, importance and existence of such an applied behavioral science for present society. Considering the emergence of new trends, changes must be incorporated into curricula. The need for agricultural and extension education must look both backward (at what we have been teaching) and forward.

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