Ins and outs of election campaigns and electoral nuances

Країна: Польща

Місто: Katowice

Тези до: 18.10.2015

Дати: 16.11.15 — 20.11.15

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Організатори: Wiseplace sp. z o.o. and University of Silesia in Katowice


The development of mass media, increasing competition and a strong emphasis on choice in different aspects of our everyday life translates into the constant need to refer to new, previously unused methods, tools and ways to gain social and political attention. This means that election campaigns are beginning to be seen through the prism of economic marketing more and more often and have attributes and elements so far reserved for advertising campaigns. As a result their success depends mainly on a capacity to generate market-specific needs of which identification is only possible on the basis of previous well-prepared diagnosis. It is no wonder then that so much attention is paid today not on merit, rational arguments, but on attractive, appealing to emotions forms. This only intensifies the process of transformation and modernisation of tools and methods of gaining voters’ sympathy, acceptance as well as already mentioned support. The main aim of the conference ‘Ins and outs of election campaigns and electoral nuances’ is to analyse the development of marketing methods and widely understood political engineering in both practical and theoretical perspectives. The decision to focus on the issues related to the election campaigns and the emotions that accompany them stems from many factors, among which the crucial one is the fact that they constitute a specific type of space that generates and strengthens many different social divisions. As the election campaigns are an essential part of every election, among the issues that the organisers decided to raise those directly related to elections and their impact on broader social environment are present as well. The conference is addressed to representatives of social sciences and humanities, but also to practitioners who deal with campaigning in their daily work.
The conference tackles the following themes:

    Personalisation of election campaigns
    Mass media in election campaigns
    Functionality of electoral debates - theoretical and empirical issues
    Evolution of socio-political divisions in a comparative perspective
    From feminisation to genderisation of election campaigns
    Models of electoral behavior - political participation and its consequences
    Dark side of building a political brand
    Centralisation and decentralisation of electoral campaign
    Electoral programs of political parties - unfulfilled promises ?
    Elections stability of political and party systems
    Specificity of local elections
    Referendum campaigns as a special case of election campaigns
    Analysis of presidential, parliamentary and local elections in the XXI century

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