ACCUTE 2016 Panel: Popular Print Culture in the British Isles of the Long Eighteenth Century

Країна: Канада

Місто: Calgary

Тези до: 01.11.2015

Дати: 28.05.16 — 31.05.16

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English


This panel aims to investigate what most people in the British Isles of the long eighteenth century read. We are mainly interested in downmarket literature circulated amongst the working class. Rather than Tristram Shandy and Songs of Innocence, we want to know more about an all-new edition of Jack the Giant Killer that made its way to the Orkneys or a ballad of The Shipwrecked Sailor Boy bought for a halfpenny and sung in the streets of Newcastle. Some key questions are: Where did readers get it? Where did it come from? How was it produced and distributed? What were its relations to the wider world of print culture? What were its uses in its readers’ lives? Although open to a broad range of approaches, we are especially interested in historical and reader-oriented methodologies (e.g., book history, ethnomethodology). Possible topics include: creating it; reading it; publishing it; selling it; counteracting or transforming it; adapting and influencing it; relations between popular print and other media; between popular and ‘high’ literatures; between words and images; between words and music; between words and performance.

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