CO2 Summit II: Technologies and Opportunities

Країна: США

Місто: Santa Ana Pueblo

Тези до: 30.11.2015

Дати: 10.04.16 — 14.04.16

Область наук: Екологія; Географічні;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: Engineering Conferences International


Join scientists, engineers, and technology end users in an international conference that cuts across industries and research disciplines to address greenhouse gas emission mitigation. This conference will take place in the breathtaking Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico, USA, landscape in a single-track forum designed to encourage collaboration and the exchange of ideas. This conference will be a continuation of the “CO2 Summit: Technology and Opportunity”, which was held in Vail, Colorado, USA, June 6–10, 2010.  At the first conference nearly 40 presentations from 14 countries were given in addition to several poster sessions.  

Space for this event is limited.  Manuscripts will be published in Elsevier’s Energy Procedia.

For the 2016 CO2 Summit, presentation and poster abstracts are invited on the following topics:

    Air capture
    Accelerating technology development through modeling
    Clean coal technologies and CCS
    CO2-equivalent reductions (non-CO2 GHG emissions, flaring reductions, etc.)
    CO2 utilization – chemical pathways (fuel cells, CO2 to methanol, etc.)
    CO2 utilization – physical pathways (enhanced resource recovery)
    Efficiency (supply side)
    Efficiency (demand side)
    Hybrid technologies (biomass + CCS, co-firing with CCS, biomass + air capture, etc.)
    Materials for CCS
    Renewable energy sources

There will be a strong focus on emissions abatement from fossil fuels, especially coal, and hybrid solutions that can reduce CO2 emissions.

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