Ubiquitin Signaling

Країна: Канада

Місто: Whistler

Тези до: 14.12.2015

Дати: 13.03.16 — 17.03.16

Область наук: Біологічні;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету: info@keystonesymposia.org

Організатори: Keystone Symposia


Many components of the ubiquitin system are involved in controlling cellular processes, and the deregulation of this system underlies many diseases. The meeting will focus on how ubiquitylation controls processes such as autophagy, neurodegenerative diseases, hypertension, the immune system and the activation of NF-kappaB. It will include talks on how the ubiquitin system is controlled by protein phosphorylation, the specificity and regulation of deubiquitylases and the structural analysis of E3 ligases and large protein complexes that coordinate ubiquitylation and related events. Additional sessions will feature diseases caused by abnormalities in ubiquitylation and the progress that is being made in targeting the ubiquitin system for the development of improved drugs to treat cancer and other diseases.

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