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What is an internship and why should I do one?

Would you like to "test drive" a job before you launch directly into a career? Would you like some help figuring out what it is you want to do after university? How about earning money to fund further education? You can do all of these with an internship!

An internship gives you the opprtunity to gain professional and practical experience in your field of study prior to graduation. An internship is a paid, full-time work term done during your undergraduate degree in a field related to your studies.

Add a practical element to your studies
An internship permits you to take your classroom knowledge and apply it to hands-on, real-life situations. Integrating theory with practice will help sharpen your professional skills and prepare you for your career.

Got the "What do I want to be blues?"
Making decisions about your career can be a difficult and often bewildering experience. By doing an internship, you will get a better sense of what it is you like to do and how you can shine as a professional, solidify your career goals and gain some valuable experience in the process.

Earn money
Earn a healthy income, pay down your student loan, and finance further education.

Enhance your degree
Participation in an Industrial Practicum (IP) or in an Internship Year in Science (IYS) will be noted on your transcript. If you complete two IPs or if you participate in an IYS , your program name will change to include the Internship Program (e.g. Bachelor of Science - Biology - Internship Program).

Am I eligible to do an internship?
  • You must be a full time undergraduate student in Science before and after the IP or the IYS is completed.
  • You must have completed at least 27 credits and should have at least 12 credits remaining in your degree program.
  • Your CGPA must be 2.7 or higher.
  • International students are eligible to apply to all IYS positions (unless otherwise indicated on the job posting) and to summer IPs (provided the student has an off-campus work permit).
How to apply?
  • IP/IYS job openings are posted on the CaPS website; students MUST apply as instructed on the job posting.  For additional information on how to obtain an internship, check the student resources page.
  • Students are encouraged to attend career related workshops (CV writing, cover letter writing, interview techniques, cold calling) and meet with a career advisor.
  • Once you secure an internship, you must notify the Internship Officer to register for the Science Internship Program.