Arthur Holmes Meeting 2016 - The Wilson Cycle: Plate Tectonics and Structural Inheritance During Continental Deformation

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Місто: London

Тези до: 18.12.2015

Дати: 23.01.16 — 25.01.16

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Організатори: The Geological Society


This meeting will mark the fiftieth anniversary of Tuzo Wilson’s landmark paper asking “Did the Atlantic close and then re-open?”. This paper was one of a series of papers he published which led to the “Wilson Cycle” concept in which the repeated opening and closing of ocean basins along old orogenic belts is a key process in the assembly and breakup of supercontinents. This implied that the processes of rifting and mountain building somehow pre-conditioned and weakened the lithosphere in these regions making them susceptible to strain localization during future deformation episodes.

It is now generally accepted that most geological architectures are controlled by interactions between plate motions, the horizontal mechanics of the lithosphere and pre-existing structures in the crust. However, our detailed understanding of the processes of structural inheritance is still very limited. This 3-day meeting will therefore bring together geophysicists, structural geologists, and modellers in order to re-assess the legacy of the Wilson Cycle concept and how our understanding inheritance in continental tectonics has evolved over the past 50 years.

The enthusiastic participation of geoscientists from the petroleum and mineral exploration industry is encouraged.
Thematic sessions

    The Wilson & Supercontinent cycles - how well do they work on a global scale?
    Lithosphere scale & deep earth dynamics
    Reactivation and reworking during the rifting, break-up and orogenesis
    Long-term weakening processes during continental deformation
    Regional themes & case studies

Preliminary confirmed speakers include:

    Kevin Burke (University of Houston, USA)
    Celâl Şengör (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey)
    Henry Halls (University of Toronto, Canada)
    Philip England (University of Oxford, UK)
    Shijie Zhong (University of Colorado, USA)
    John Dewey (University of Oxford, UK)
    Haakon Fossen (University of Bergen, Norway)
    Andréa Tommasi (University of Montpellier, France)
    Myra Keep (University of Western Australia)
    Bob Holdsworth (Durham University, UK)
    Robert Hall (Royal Holloway University, UK)
    Erik Lundin (Statoil, Norway)
    Sergey Drachev (ExxonMobil, UK)

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