The Origins of the Olympic Games and the Development of Olympia before the 5th cent. BC

Країна: Ірладнія

Місто: Dublin

Тези до: 30.12.2015

Дати: 22.06.16 — 25.06.16

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: ELTE/MTA Budapest, TU Darmstadt


The early foundation, the rapid development and the high prestige attached to the Olympic Games, coupled with the remote location of the sanctuary present a series of problems, and the same holds true for the early history of the sanctuary: despite the intensive investigations conducted during the last decades, questions concerning the cult practice, the identity of the worshiped gods and the interpretation of buildings and votive offerings are still open to debate.

An interdisciplinary panel on these interrelated topics seems, therefore, due and contributions are welcome from different fields of research such as archaeology, archaeometry, ancient history, history of religions, etc.

Papers may concern but are not restricted to the following topics: the sanctuary and its natural environment during the Dark Ages, dedications of the Geometric and Archaic Periods, authenticity of the Olympic victor lists, establishment of the athletic and equestrian disciplines, chronological problems, victory monuments, the relationship between the sanctuary and individual poleis, historiography of the Olympic Games, relationship between cult and competitions, old and new theories concerning the origins of the Games, ethnographic parallels, mythical tales surrounding Olympia and its Games, cults of gods and heroes. The discussion of individual monuments, artefacts, inscriptions is also possible, provided they add something to our understanding of some broader questions.

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