Glaciated Margins: The Sedimentary & Geophysical Archive

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Дати: 02.06.16 — 03.06.16

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Організатори: The Geological Society


Unravelling evidence for the growth and recessional behaviour of ice sheets on continental margins has major implications for characterising the cryosphere in the past, present and future.  Glaciated margins provide unique archives of past ice mass change on timescales that cannot be captured by observations of the cryosphere today. They also serve as analogues for modern-day glacial depositional environments, and are integral to solving major problems such as the magnitude of ancient glaciations, the location of prolific glaciogenic hydrocarbon reservoir deposits and the distribution of groundwater aquifers. We seek to attract scientists from multiple disciplines - geophysicists, sedimentologists, glaciologists, geologists and geographers - with an interest in tackling these issues. Conference Central Themes   The Arctic and the Northern Hemisphere Antarctica and the Southern Hemisphere The Deep Time Archive Resource potential: case studies and dilemmas

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