Augsburg Graduate Conference in Law

Країна: Германія

Місто: Augsburg

Тези до: 30.01.2016

Дати: 03.06.16 — 04.06.16

Область наук: Юридичні;

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Організатори: Law Faculty of the University of Augsburg


The graduate law conference is addressed to young academics and researchers who wish to pursue an academic career. The conference provides scholars with a unique forum to present their academic work, exchange innovative ideas and engage in a scholarly discussion. The potential participants are encouraged to use this opportunity to develop an international academic network to advance their careers.

We invite doctoral and post-doctoral candidates to submit abstracts for presentation at the conference and to join us in exchanging and discussing new ideas advancing existing law.


Laws are imperfect. Throughout the evolutionary development of law, many have struggled with unjust, impractical and obsolete laws, requiring practitioners and academics to search for the spirit of law when the letter of law was unclear or unfair, to seek alternative solutions when the legal rules did not keep pace with societal or technical developments or to look for equitable principles in the jungle of legal norms. These are only a few of the many problems legal scholars have faced and have overcome while influencing the process of reforming and improving the law.

The conference provides young scholars with an opportunity to combine the knowledge and experience of legal academics and practitioners with their legal know-how and creativity to think beyond the traditional legal models and to introduce significant innovative ideas advancing the existing body of law. Solutions to legal problems can be found by applying different approaches, reasoning or methodologies. Considering solutions designed by Roman lawyers or rules applicable in other jurisdictions to clarify existing, unresolved issues are just two of many possibilities to produce concepts reforming and improving current law.

The theme of this conference is not limited to a particular question or area of law, nor to a specific research approach. Legal problems discussed in the proposals can relate to regional, national or international issues. Proposals can focus on a specific problem and its resolution or on a theoretical discussion of reforms and improvements of a general nature. The substantive agenda for the conference will be determined by questions and topics most important to the graduate students wishing to participate.

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