Global Nanotechnology Congress and Expo

Країна: Арабські Емірати

Місто: Dubai

Тези до: 21.03.2016

Дати: 21.04.16 — 23.04.16

Область наук: Нанотехнології;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: TomoWave Laboratories Inc., Nanotechnology Laboratory, College of Nuclear Science, National Tsing Hua University


We look forward to welcoming delegates to this exciting conference which will bring together world leaders in their respective fields in the fascinating environment of Dubai. The city has become a great tourist attraction offering to the visitors a range of facilities from traditional bazaars and modern shopping centers to advanced knowledge research centers. Nanotech-2016 will host leading scientists from academia and industry worldwide, to discuss the latest developments in the fields of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology. The conference aims to provide many interesting perspectives on how science and technology of materials from nano to macro level are changing rapidly, thereby providing new opportunities and challenges to explore to the scientists and engineers. Scientific Federation aims to bring together front-line experts from multidisciplinary research and application areas to join this conference, to discuss the benefits of Nanotechnology and materials science in their Research and Development efforts to advance the networking, and collaborating between different academia, research and market leaders in the field and to stimulate the exchange of educational concepts. Nanotech-2016 will introduce the delegates to the new developments and breakthroughs in many disciplines of nanotechnology and materials science through various speakers and workshop sessions. It will feature a scientific program of Keynote lectures and invited talks by world-eminent personalities, special sessions, debates, scientific discussions, oral and poster presentations of peer-reviewed contributions to share the most recently breaking research development, discovery and industrial progress from different disciplines in Nanotechnology and Materials Science. On behalf of Nanotech-2016, Scientific Federation invites you to take this opportunity to join us for academic exchange and visit the city of Dubai. Scientific Sessions/Tracks Nanomaterials Synthesis of Nanomaterials and Nanoparticles Recent trends in nanotechnology Emerging areas of materials science Carbon Nanomaterials Graphene Technologies Carbon based devices and Nanocomposites Nanomedicine and Biomedical Engineering Nanomedical approaches for diagnostics and treatments Cancer nanotechnology & tissue engineering Drug delivery systems Advancements in Material Science Polymer based Nanocomposites Multifunctional Nanobiomaterials Nanoelectronics Quantum dots Electronic, optical and magnetic materials Nanodevices & Nanosensors Nanosensoring in diagnostics and industry Nanorobots Nanophotonics materials Nanotechnology for Energy and the Environment Materials science and engineering Green nanotechnology

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