Education and Emotion

Країна: Австрія

Місто: Vienna

Тези до: 10.04.2016

Дати: 21.10.16 — 22.10.16

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Організатори: University of Vienna


Emotions  and  feelings  have  a  major  influence  on  all  processes  of  education  and  sociali s ation.  However,  in  academic  discussion , they  are  often  neglected.  While  emotions  and  feelings  used  to  be  central  topics  during  the  emergence  of  scholarly  education al  refle c tion ,  they became  less  important  and have  been  increa s ingly  r e- placed  by  the  emphasis  on  human  reason .  The  related  dualistic  understanding  of  the  human  constit u tion  has only been  challenged by  the re - emergence  of holistic a n- thropological  c onsiderations marked  by  the  e motional  turn in science at the beginning of the 21 st century. Th erefore,  the  conference  focuses  on  the  question  of  the  significance  of  emotion  and  feelings  in  the  context of education and teaching, or rather  of pedagogical and  anthropological  reflection .  In  this  regard,  two  basic  points of view can be distinguished: “education through  emotion”  and  “formation  of  emotion”.  Education  through  emotion asks  for the  influence  of  emotion  on  processes  of  education,  learn ing  and  socialisation.  The formation of emotion investigates the  development , di f- ferentiation  and  consolidation  of  emotion  in  the  co n- texts  of  education  and  teaching.  In  this sense,  the  co n- ference addresses questions of developmental theory as  well as  of social  order , cultural reproduction, medial i n- volvement, etc.

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