6th Annual International Conference on Political Science, Sociology and International Relations (PSSIR 2016)

Країна: Сингапур

Місто: Singapore

Тези до: 25.04.2016

Дати: 26.09.16 — 27.09.16

Е-мейл Оргкомітету: secretariat@pssir.org

Організатори: GSTF


As the world becomes increasingly integrated the political, social, and cultural boundaries are being re-configured and new challenges emerge. Political power is shifting beyond the traditional state models and governance is taking on new forms. Social conflict arises across different regions of the world.

Amidst all of these, political scientists, political experts, academics, sociologist should actively engaged in an in-depth discourse by providing an active voice which helps shape the opinions of the public, institutions and the policy-makers.

Веб-сторінка конференції: http://www.pssir.org/