Global Migration: Rethinking Skills, Knowledge and Culture

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Місто: New Delhi

Тези до: 30.06.2016

Дати: 26.11.16 — 27.11.16

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Організатори: GRFDT


 The conference will bring together scholars from diverse fields such as academic, civil society and policy from different countries. The conference intends to provide comparative perspectives in diaspora engagement. The papers will be published in a book by an international publisher.

The conference will have more wider reach and try to represent as many countries possible so that both macro and micro perspectives and diversities of issues will be covered. There are several countries actively engaged in policies and working on a new paradigm of global engagement to tap resources in the globalised world ever increasing human mobility.The conference is conceived to address these issues, both conceptual as well as applied areas so as to give a wholistic approach to understand the issue.

The following are the Themes and Sub themes for the Conference. However, all the related issues are also welcome.

Themes and Subthemes

1. Diaspora and Transnationalism

·         Concepts of Migration and Diaspora (Critical appraisal of place of birth, duration)

·         Transnationalism and Globalisation

    Soft power diplomacy
    foreign policy: lobbying with the host state governments
    Dual Identity
    Voting right of Diaspora
    Distinguishing motivation towards homeland between First, Second and Third Generation Diaspora
    Making of Refugee, Asylum and Exile

2. Diaspora Policies

·         Diaspora Engagement Policies: Legal, political, economic and socio-cultural

·         Diaspora policy practiced across the world: Legal aspects, socio economic benefits for the diaspora

·         Dual citizenship, voting rights to emigrants: Legal incorporation of the diaspora

·         Overseas Indian Citizenship practiced by the Indian State

·         Emigration policy for the lesser skilled temporary migrant workers: Emigration Laws around the world

·         Addressing grievances of the diaspora: A critical appraisal of the state's role

·         issues confronted by the Indian diaspora in Malaysia, Gulf states

·         Politics of Migration and Policies on Diaspora with implications for Foreign and National Security

·         Impact of Politics on Emigration and Immigration (WTO, Bhumiputra in Malaysia, Racism, Citizenship issue in Gulf, Visa policy of selective,  USA/Developed countries,

·         Diaspora and Soft power diplomacy (cultural diplomacy)

·         Impacts of Diaspora on Foreign Policies

3. Diaspora and Development

·         Investment

·         Immigration, Knowledge Economy and policies towards high skilled labour

·         International Trade

·         Return Migration

·         Technology Transfer

·         Mobility: Indo-Euorope Migration Corridor

·         Skill Migration

·         Brain Drain, Brain Gain, Brain Chain and Brain Bank

·         Migration of Health Care and IT Professionals

·         Changes in VISA regime- H1B1 of USA to Blue Card of Germany

·         India-Europe Migration of Students and Skilled Professionals


4. Diaspora and Conflict

·         Nursing at the war zone

·         Disguised Returnees

·         South Asian Labour Hostages

·         Making of Refugees and Asylees

·         Crisis of Rights, Challenges, and Advocacy

5. Diaspora and Civil Society

·         Diaspora organisations and their role

·         Marriages, Custody, Adoption, Property, Hague Conventions

·         Human Trafficking

·         Diaspora Philanthropy

·         Rehabilitation, Social Security.

6. Diaspora and Global Culture

·         Diaspora in the global cultural revolution- multiculturalism and Diaspora

·         Indian Diaspora: Film, Literature, Language, Food

·         Films and Diaspora

·         Literature

·         Religion

·         Media

·         Diaspora and Global Culture: Film, literature, food and religion

7. Diaspora and Gender Relations

    Female Domestic Workers
    Migration for Dowry
    Gender and Migration
    Education of Children at the Host Land
    Role of women after family migration

8. Diaspora, Religion and Ethnicity

·       Religious Practices at the Hostland; Hinduism in Middle East and South-East Asia

·       Ethnic Enclaves

·       Ethnic Markets and Enterprises

·       Religious practices and rights to celebrate

·       Forceful conversion of Diaspora

9. Diaspora and Remittances

·       Economic impact of remittances at the homeland

·       Socio-cultural development of left behind families with remittances

·       Social remittances and knowledge transfer

·       Cultural Remittances- Impact at the homeland

·       Impact of remittances at different levels; Individual, Family, Community and National.

10. Technology and Diaspora

Technology Transfer and Exchange

Migration and Technology

Technolgy, virtuality and new mobilisation identity

Technology and Diaspora culture

Technology and education and skill development

11. New Dynamics of Diaspora Engagement

·         Virtual Diasporas and Knowledge Platforms

·         Indian Diaspora, Virtual platform and development

·         Diaspora investment and Entrepreneurship


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