4th International Conference on 'People, Planet, and Profit: Synergistic Leadership for Social and Communication Innovations'.

Країна: Індія

Місто: Ahmedabad

Тези до: 01.07.2016

Дати: 10.01.17 — 12.01.17

Е-мейл Оргкомітету: icmc@micamail.in

Організатори: MICA Deadline for abstracts/prop


MICA has pioneered an annual conference series on themes and issues pertaining to Communication Management. Launched in 2014 with the theme ‘Managing Health Communication: People, Programmes and Products,’ the series provides a platform for bringing together scholars, activists and practitioners to discuss frontier developments in communication theories and practices. The series takes into cognizance the significance of interdisciplinary and critical scholarship in communication management. For each conference, scholarly contributions to match the conference theme as well as papers conceptualizing both continuing and emerging issues in communication management are invited.
ICMC 2017

As part of its annual conference Series, MICA is delighted to announce its 4th International Communication Management Conference (ICMC) on 'People, Planet, and Profit: Synergistic Leadership for Social and Communication Innovations' to be held January 10-12, 2017, at MICA, Ahmedabad, India.
Conference Description

We are all inextricably linked together in a world that is facing unprecedented crises. As evident in the United Nation’s recently announced Sustainable Development Goals, structural inequalities persist despite global economic strides, and a vast majority of the world’s population faces unacceptable levels of deprivation and disease. At the same time, people - particularly Millennials - around the world are questioning conventional and rigid notions of social responsibility, participation, and empowerment. In this emergent viewpoint, personal fulfillment and social contribution are no longer contradictory, and civic cultures can potentially combine with consumer cultures, popular cultures, and new technologies to catalyse change. The world over, innovative approaches and non-conventional actors are transforming the practice of social change while new questions shake up old paradigms.

This is, therefore, an opportune moment to pause and rethink leadership and management education, and to consider as well as evaluate the multi-dimensionality of communication for social innovation and its full array of potential contributors, whether by discipline, methodology, ideology, or sector. MICA’s cross-disciplinary conference on social and communication innovations will thus bring together participants from the academic, government, non-profit, entrepreneurial, and corporate sectors, to deliberate on the criticality of interdisciplinary and synergistic work in this field to address the issues facing our world. It will particularly focus on communication and explore the contributions that communication studies, development studies, strategic marketing, the media, and the arts can make.

The conference will also deliberate on the role of management and leadership education in shaping and supporting innovative leaders. The conference will recognize how power relations and hegemonic approaches can derail change and will acknowledge the limits of communication initiatives that lack infrastructural support, political will, and resource management. The expected outcome of these dialogues is a rethinking of social change communication and leadership by freeing them from narrowly defined notions and restricted actors and stakeholders.

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