Astrobiology Graduates in Europe symposium

Країна: Греція

Місто: Athens

Тези до: 31.07.2016

Дати: 25.09.16 — 27.09.16

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AbGradE (Astrobiology Graduates in Europe) is an independent association with the main goal of promoting scientific networking among early-career astrobiologists. It was initiated by EANA and it is managed by an enthusiastic group of PhD students and post-docs that are responsible for organizing activities that foster networking as well as give a broader background in the different disciplines that Astrobiology comprises.
A bi-annual symposium based in Europe is the main gathering for this purpose. In the years between the two symposia, AbGradE organises a one-day workshop in line with EANA's topic.
Everyone is welcome to join and participate in AbGradE!

The symposium is organized again directly before the EANA conference, which will be held also in Athens, Greece, 27-30 September 2016. AbGradE will end on the 27th before lunch, the EANA conference starts in the afternoon. On Sunday, 25 September, we plan an excursion through Athens followed by a social event in the evening.

Travel and accommodation grants are again available for early-career scientists. To apply for it, just choose the "I would like to apply for an AbGradE grant" option when submitting your abstract. Note that you will have to apply seperately for an EANA grant. It is not possible to obtain a full AbGradE and EANA grant, but a partial second grant is possible.

Deadline for abstract submission and registration: 31 July 2016 (which is also the EANA abstract and grant submission deadline).
The registration fee of 40€ needs to be paid until 12 August 2016. An e-mail with the bank information will be sent to you after your registration.

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