9th International Conference on Comparativism, Identity, Communication (CIC2016)

Країна: Румунія

Місто: Craiova

Тези до: 20.09.2016

Дати: 14.10.16 — 15.10.16

Область наук: Психологічні;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету: parpala_afana@yahoo.com

Організатори: Faculty of Letters, University of Craiova


By bringing the concepts of “comparativism”, “identity”, “communication” together, the  conference  will  focus  on  the  complex  identities  interactively  engaged  in  the  society  “conquere d by communication . ” Transmodern   globalized   communication   implies   rapid,   spectacular,   misleading   and  ambivalent  processes:  communication  can  be  seen  as  a  means  of  emancipation  of  the  individual / nations, but also as a means of controlling them. It is nece ssary, therefore, to  rethink “human condition” in the context of interculturalism and “netocracy” and from  the point of view of mutual conditioning and interactive feedback.

Thematic areas:

1.    Comparativism:  influence,    reception,    intertextuality,    palimpsestic    r ewriting,  comparative poetics, comparative imagology, inter - aesthet ic and inter - semiotic relations ;  comparison between languages and linguistic phenomena.

2.  Pragmasemantic  aspects  of  communication :  emotive  meaning,  argumentative  roles,  illocutionary funct ions, implicit meaning, linguistic / semantic context and extralinguistic  or situational context.

3.  The  rhetorical  aspects  of  communication :  tropes,  figures  of  thought,  sophisms;  political, journalistic, didactic discourse.

4.   New   media   /   communication   te chnologies   and   corresponding   anthropological  mutations :  cyber - culture and cyberspace, virtual communities, “secondary ” orality ,  re - reading of texts in different contexts.

5. Identity reconstruction and deconstruction : discourse on identity and cultural div ersity;  post - communist transition and negotiation of identity; “the writing” of the multicultural  self in the media; otherness and the dynamics of communicative relations.

6. Postmodern culture:  hybridization, polyphony, interculturality etc.

Веб-сторінка конференції: http://cis01.central.ucv.ro/litere/activitate-stiintifica/CIC2016_CFP_en.pdf