Malaria genomics and public health

Країна: Індія

Місто: Madurai

Тези до: 17.10.2016

Дати: 29.06.17 — 11.02.17

Область наук: Біологічні;

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Організатори: EMBO


In recent years, genomics as a technology has revolutionized biomedical research in many ways. The large amount of genome sequence data generated in an array of closely-related organisms and parallel development of statistical and computational analytical methods have helped in deciphering not only the changes in the specific genomes but also could identify new genetic targets of human health importance.

 Malaria is an age-old disease associated with humans since time immemorial. Successful malaria transmission requires effective interaction among vector (mosquito)-parasite (Plasmodium)-human triangle in an environment conducive for vector survival and growth. Such ancient interaction involves several genomic cross-talks among these organisms. Unraveling such cross-talks could pave the way to disrupt functional interactions, thereby breaking the malaria triangle leading to successful malaria intervention. Training on the concepts and methodologies of genomic technologies to young Indian malaria researchers therefore are the need of the hour.

Since India is highly endemic to malaria and transmission dynamics and epidemiology are quite different to African malaria, it is important that genomic
technologies be applied to understand evolutionary interaction among the host-parasite-vector triangle in real field setting in India. This EMBO Global Exchange Lecture Course is an initiation towards redefining the future of medical practice - genomic medicine for malaria.

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