2nd Agriculture and Climate Change: Climate ready resource use-efficient crops to sustain food and nutritional security

Країна: Іспанія

Місто: Sitges

Тези до: 17.10.2016

Дати: 26.03.17 — 28.03.17

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    Maintaining crop production to feed a growing population during a period of climate change is the greatest challenge we face as a species. The increased crop yields during the last century and especially the Green Revolution, were brought about through breeding for increased harvest index and disease resistance, as well as by using more irrigation water and agrochemicals. Improved cultivars were adopted readily during this period of relative climate stability. While genetic gains continue, albeit at reduced rates, productivity is in decline in many regions. Given the multiple challenges of climate change, reduced water supplies, and declining soil fertility in many regions, new approaches to produce climate resilient crops are desperately needed.

The 2nd Agriculture and Climate Change Conference will focus on the likely impact of climate change on crop production and explore approaches to maintain and increase crop productivity into the future.

    Increased agricultural uncertainty
    Modelling and its application
    Abiotic stress
    Effects of CO2 on plant growth
    Impacts on nutrition, quality and resource use efficiency
    Plant-microbe interactions
    Innovative agronomic and breeding practices
    New crops for a new climate


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