Ocean Energy SEA Summit 2016

Країна: Індонезія

Місто: Jakarta

Тези до: 28.10.2016

Дати: 06.12.16 — 07.12.16

Область наук: Географічні;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету: http://ocean-asia.org/gbook/?120_1.html

Організатори: SEA


The Ocean Energy SEA Summit 2016 will be held on December6th - 7th, 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Organizing Committee cordially invites you to come and actively participate in this intriguing event

The regional conditions in Southeast Asia such as “rapid economic growth, increasing energy demand, rising fossil fuelimports, growing environmental pressures, low rural electrification levels, and heavy reliance on fossil fuels and traditionalbiomass", as mentioned by International Energy Agency(IEA), are favorable for renewable energy.

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