International Conference on Nextgen Electronic Technologies: Silicon to Software

Країна: Індія

Місто: Chennai

Тези до: 22.10.2016

Дати: 23.03.17 — 25.03.17

Область наук: Технічні;

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Організатори: VIT University


Symposium A - Computational Signal Processing and Analysis

• Adaptive/ Array Signal Processing
• Compressive Sensing
• Distributed Signal Processing
• Multi-Rate/ Multi-Channel/ Multi-Resolution/ Multi-Modal Signal Processing
• Signal Processing Theory, Methods, Design and Implementation
• Statistical Signal Processing
• Acoustic Signal Processing
• Audio/ Music/ Speech/ Spoken Language Processing
• Biomedical Signal and Image Processing
• Health Monitoring in Mechanical/ Civil Structures
• Image/ Video Analytics and Multimedia Applications
• Machine Vision
• Remote Sensing and Signal Processing
• Signal Processing for Cyber Security, Big Data, HCI and Control
• Underwater Communication and GNSS Signal Processing
• Modelling of Virtual Humans
• Musculoskeletal Simulation Model Generation from MRI Datasets
• Medical Image Computing
• Computer Assisted Intervention
• MRI Segmentation Methods
• Medical Simulation
• Non-verbal Behaviour
• Computer Graphics

Symposium B - Intelligent Embedded Systems

• Smart Systems - Smart Homes, Healthcare, Smart City, Smart Village, Smart Industries
• Intelligent Transportation Systems
• Cyber-Physical Systems
• Real-Time Systems
• Heterogeneous Multicore Systems
• Hardware Software Co-design
• Multi-agent Systems
• Adaptive and Intelligent Robotics
• Soft Computing for Embedded Systems
• Cognitive Systems
• Swarm Intelligence
• Socio-Economic Factors in Intelligent Embedded Systems
• Green and Sustainable Computing
• Security for Embedded Hardware
• Social Robotics

Symposium C - Nanoelectronic Materials and Devices

• Functional Electronic Nanomaterials
• Graphene & other 2D nanomaterials
• Nanocomposites and Hybrid materials
• High K-dielectric materials
• Nanofabrication & Nanolithography
• Nanoelectronic materials for Energy application
• Nanoelectronic Devices and Nanosensors
• Nanomaterials for batteries and supercapacitors
• Computational Nanoelectronics
• Plasmonics & Nanophotonics
• Magnetic nanomaterials and Spintronics
• Solid state Ionic Memristors and Neuristors
• Other advanced nanoelectronic devices

Symposium D - Optical and Microwave Technologies

• Optical Communication and Networks
• Free Space Optical Systems & Radio Over Fiber Networks
• Optical Signal Processing, Devices and Systems
• Visible Light Communication / Li-Fi
• All Optical Networks and optical Interconnects for Data Centres
• Fault Tolerance and Reliability in Optical Networks
• Green Photonics/Bio-Photonics and Sensors
• Holography, Microscopy, Computational Imaging and Optical Sensing
• Microwave/Millimeter-Wave/ THz Monolithic Integrated Circuits and Components (Active/Passive)
• Metamaterial Antennas and Periodic Structures, Optical Antennas
• RF Based Wireless Charging and Energy Harvesting
• Antennas for Mobile and Wireless Communication
• Smart Antennas, Phased and Active Arrays, Radar and Broadband Antennas
• EMI/EMC Technologies/Radar Absorption Material and Measurement Techniques
• Numerical Methods and CAD Techniques for Electromagnetic Theory

Symposium E - VLSI Design : Circuits, Systems & Applications

• High performance Arithmetic Circuits
• Deep-sub-micron Design Issues
• Low Power Design Techniques
• High-level Synthesis
• Analog & Mixed Signal Circuit Design
• RF IC Design
• Testing of VLSI Circuits
• Verification Methodologies
• Interface Electronic Circuits for Micro/Nano Sensors
• SoC and NoC Design
• Architectures for Hardware security, Cryptography and Watermarking
• Reconfigurable Fabrics
• Advanced VLSI Circuits involving CNTFET/FINFET/Memristors/Neuristors
• On-Chip CMOS Memories
• High Bandwidth Interconnects

Symposium F - Wireless Communication Networks & Internet of Things

• Software Defined and Cognitive Networks
• LTE / LTE-A / WiMAX Modeling
• Modern Digital Communication Techniques
• 5G/6G: Communication Architecture and Technology
• Routing in Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks
• Cross-Layer Design and Optimization
• Fault-Tolerant and Opportunistic Networks
• Trust, Security and Privacy
• Mobility and Location Management
• IoT Architecture and Protocols
• IoT Data Analytics
• IoT Privacy and Security
• Fog and Cloud Computing
• Industrial IoT (IIoT)
• IoT Applications and Services

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