4th International Conference on "Spirituality & Skill for Leadership and Sustainable Management"

Країна: Індія

Місто: Varanasi

Тези до: 05.11.2016

Дати: 18.02.17 — 19.02.17

Область наук: Економічні; Психологічні;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету: smsicon2017@smsvaranasi.com, smsicon2017@gmail.com

Організатори: School of Management Sciences


'Yogah karmasu kaushlam' is a concept of ancient Indian management which means that all work should be done with perfection and that includes both leadership and management. The theme emerging in common literature is that alongwith the skills, spiritual values are also required to achieve perfection in achieving leadership and management tasks. Skills are required to perform a task well whereas spiritual values brings out the true nature of human beings making them believe in harmonious co-existence with others and the nature. In the absence of spiritual values, skills could be used for wrong or selfish purpose resulting in detrimental consequences. For example, it requires skill to develop nuclear technology but if used for wrong purpose it could create havoc. So, both skills and spiritual values are becoming the necessity in the new world order for leadership and sustainable management practices. The importance of this is highlighted in Isha Upanishad (ancient sacred text), which says that:

“Those who devote their time in knowing only material knowledge go into darkness. Those who devote their time in knowing only the spiritual knowledge go into deeper darkness. Knowledgeable is one who knows both material and spiritual knowledge as we have heard it from wise people. Those who have knowledge of both material and spiritual world come out of ignorance and achieve immortality.”

Today, we find many skill rich but spiritual value deficit leaders and professionals. It is strongly realized now by the world that for effective leadership and sustainable management practices, a congruence of skill and spiritual dimensions is must for bringing change in the world based on holistic development, connectedness, love, trust, and harmony so that peace and prosperity across the world can be achieved.

This international conference is being organized to provide a common platform for everybody to discuss, exchange, and present the ideas, thoughts, and research work so as to develop a better understanding on the theme of the conference and coming out with some pragmatic solutions for developing skill-spirituality paradigm.


    Spirituality for Leadership
    Role of skills in Leadership
    Spirituality-Skill Paradigm for Leadership
    Spirituality and Skill for Sustainable Management Practices
    Ancient Indian Spiritual Foundations for Leadership and Management Practices
    Traditional Wisdom of East and West for Leadership and Management Practices
    Skilling People in Developing and Under-developed Economies
    Role of Education in Developing Skilled and Ethical Professionals
    Workplace Spirituality
    Spirituality for Social Innovations Technological Skills for Human Welfare
    Harmonious Co-existence of Materialism, Ethics and Spiritual Values in Leadership and Management Practices
    Spirituality for Self Management

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