Management Conclave on Business, Innovation & Sustainability

Країна: Індія

Місто: Rourkela

Тези до: 20.11.2016

Дати: 07.01.17 — 08.01.17

Область наук: Економічні;

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Організатори: School of Management National Institute of Technology Rourkela


Conclave Theme :
Innovation for sustainability has become the call of time as it involves making intentional changes to organizational products or processes that produce environmental and/ or social benefits as well as economic value. The business leaders of this era believe innovation will help their companies make dramatic improvements to their environmental and social impacts. And they want academic insights into the mechanisms and best practices that drive innovation and sustainable development. Sustainability is a mother lode of organizational and technological innovations that yield both bottom-line and top-line returns. Hence we find that smart companies now treat sustainability as innovation’s new frontier. As said by Grete Bridgewater, Director, Environmental Services for Canadian Pacific “The combination of innovation, sustainability and profitability is powerful.”: If research can unlock the potential in our organizations to view our business models differently and encourage sustainable innovation in a meaningful way, then we will learn, adapt and lead change. Sustainable companies think long term. They forge strong relationships with employees and members of the community. They find ways to reduce the amount of natural resources they consume and the amount of waste and pollution they produce. As a result, sustainable companies survive shocks like global recessions, worker strikes, executive scandals and boycotts by environmental activists.
The researchers and practioners from diverse disciplines have focused their attention to understand the interplay between business, innovation & sustainability. This will address the issues related to the rational management of human, natural, and economic resources that aims to satisfy the essential needs of humanity in the very long term.
This management conclave on “Business, Innovation & Sustainability” will attempt to answer the issues and concerns by bringing together the eminent management experts, business leaders and panel of speakers from around the world to share their views and discuss the theories and practices related to the present business scenario around the globe.

Conclave Objectives :
To provide an open forum to present and discuss research in business and interdisciplinary area in the framework of and pertinent to Business, Innovation & Sustainability
To facilitate sharing management research based ideas and views among academicians and practitioners.

This can be achieved through multi-disciplinary research-based idea generation and discussions. The attempt is to bring about richness in discussion by encouraging contributions from researchers across academic institutions and industry worldwide. The research papers should broadly address the conclave theme and issues related to the theme. Academicians and professionals working on this theme are encouraged to contribute new ideas, concepts, and paradigms.

Key Subtheme areas :
We welcome papers and posters on a wide variety of topics that address issues of importance to managers, marketers, consumers, and policy makers. All papers will be reviewed by respected scholars in a double-blind review process. Full papers or extended abstracts may be published in the conclave proceedings.
Marketing strategies for innovative and sustainable business
Innovative paradigms in banking and finance sector
Managing human resource in innovative and sustainable business
Agribusiness Management for innovative and sustainable markets
Entrepreneurship and innovation for sustainable markets
Managing information technology for sustainable innovation
Managing manufacturing and operations in innovative and sustainable markets
Managing intellectual properties in innovative and sustainable markets
Business analytics for smarter market place.


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