Modern Migration: Breaking Mental Borders

Країна: Германія

Місто: Weingarten

Тези до: 31.12.2016

Дати: 23.06.17 — 24.06.17

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Організатори: CLTS-Compass, University of Education


Modern migration has become one of the unexpected challenges of a borderless European Union. Since 2015 over one million people from war torn countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Ukraine, to name only a few, have left their homes in search of a safe environment in Western Europe. Economic migrants from countries that are unable to offer its people a livelihood make up another large portion of people on the move.   Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Greece, and Italy have absorbed a large number of asylum seekers. The challenges that follow are significant as they have the potential to destabilize the political harmony, and economic well-being of these countries. Since the mass migration of people is easier today than it has ever been due to modern technology, these current events are likely to increase rather than decrease.

Most of the attention surrounding migration has been put on the needs of migrant people and the reasons for their move. The aim of this conference is to look at how migration affects not only those who feel the need to leave their homes, but also those who are sharing their space with new people. Most will agree that it is wrong to deny help to people in need, but what sort of effect does the influx of large numbers of strangers have on a community, or a country?

At this conference the questions addressed are:

- What are the psychological effects, cycles and reactions to migration and how  can policy makers approach these challenges so that inhabitants feel less threatened?

- If integration is the key to reducing stress in a community, how can policy makers, teachers, and social workers support migrant people in this process?

This conference invites researchers, policy makers, and social workers to present their research from any of the disciplinary areas listed below.  Participants are also invited to submit written papers for the accompanying conference proceedings scheduled to be published 15 December 2016.

As a means to develop practical steps in dealing with the challenges of migration this conference will end with the organization of inter-disciplinary work groups whose research should create solutions that could be implemented by policy makers. These research papers will be published in the post conference journal titled: Modern Migration – Solutions from an Interdisciplinary Approach

Research Topics - 21st  Century migration  and:

    European Union and its borders
    Demographic  and social changes in the 21st Century
    Escaping war and poverty
    Educational challenges
    Islam and the West
    Policies and law
    Social organization
    Homeland re-entry
    Medical care


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