Lingvisticae Investigationes

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Тези до: 15.01.2017

Дати: 15.01.17 — 15.01.17

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Організатори: Lingvisticae Investigationes


The aim of the issue is two-fold: First, we target at promoting an evaluation of the terminology on transitivity alternations, taking into account morphosyntax and its interaction with semantics, their respective applications and their inter-relation, and a sorting of knowledge that seems established out of obsolete one. Secondly, our understanding needs to be enriched by means of new research methodology, not purely linguistic one, such as real-time online processing and eye-tracking, which have not yet been sufficiently exploited for French, contributing to a liaison between mainstream and new insights.

Under this rationale, we welcome papers aiming at a state-of-the art retrospective examination that points towards theories of common ground and questions that remain open. Contributions are also expected to confront various theoretic approaches (i.a. Le Bellec 2009; Legendre et al. 2016; Kahane & Mazziotta, 2015; Gross 2012; Hamelin & Legallois 2016). We invite authors to address questions as whether an object is semantically implied in constructions with no object position, if null objects should always be treated as implicit ones, if we can suggest that verbs become unergatives or, what happens to unergatives used transitively. Tying in the typological with the diachronic perspective, we particularly welcome synchronic or diachronic work. Besides, cross-linguistic comparisons are expected to shed new light to problematic areas of the phenomenon.

Recent research on (a)typical language development, SLA, 2LA, L3/Ln acquisition in French boosted our understanding of the processes occurring in (de)transitivisation. Research among heritage speakers or attriters remains rather unexplored in Romance (cf. Montrul 2004). Contributions of the special issue are invited to address these domains that remain fruitful or little explored for transitivity and valency in French.

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