Mediating Climate Change

Країна: Англія

Місто: Leeds

Тези до: 15.01.2017

Дати: 04.07.17 — 06.07.17

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Організатори: University of Leeds


Our experience of climate change is always mediated. Its effects are encountered through changing weather patterns, including the storms, floods, and droughts that afflict communities across the world. They are also encountered through different forms of representation: a novel imagining a desiccated future Earth; a television documentary about coral bleaching; a graph of rising global temperatures. Researchers increasingly understand climate change as a cultural and political issue, and are concerned with the ways in which it is mediated in different contexts, and to different audiences.

This major environmental humanities conference will cross disciplines and periods to analyse the ways in which human beings have tried to make sense of climate change. What difficulties are there in representing climate change? How has it been debated in the past? What new ways of exploring and mediating climate change are emerging as we face an uncertain future?

We welcome proposals of around 250 words for twenty-minute papers suitable for an interdisciplinary audience. Topics might include, but are not limited to:

– Representations of climate change in literature, film, the media, and the arts
– Climate change and cultural theory (e.g. posthumanism, new materialism)
– Historical constructions of climate change
– Climate change and the Anthropocene
– The mediation of climate science
– Scales of mediation/climate modelling
– Climate change as a culturally mediated and contingent concept
– The construction of climate change within academic discourse
– Climate change and ‘the natural’
– The psychology of climate change (e.g. disavowal, denial, scepticism, affirmation, optimism)
– Climate change in political discourse
– Climate change and the ethics of representation
– Mediation and climate change activism

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