Economics and Business at the Interface of Natural Sciences

Країна: Греція

Місто: Athens

Тези до: 15.05.2017

Дати: 03.07.17 — 04.07.17

Область наук: Економічні;

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Організатори: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


The last financial\economic crisis generated considerable debate concerning the ability of economics (and more generally of social sciences) to deal with the complexity of the social phenomena. In this challenging context, many scholars mobilized sources of knowledge coming from physics, biology, engineering etc. to better grasp the intricacy of economic\business activity.

The relationship between “hard sciences” and “social sciences” is a long-standing topic of interest for researchers and academics. The interdisciplinary dimension is and has always been problematic mainly due to the diversity of theoretical matrixes among scholars. These conceptual dissimilarities between scientists results from a particular professionalization of knowledge. In this diversified context in which scholars belong to different academic groups; interdisciplinarity appears as a driving force and epistemological necessity to develop a meaningful knowledge on our society.  

We welcome high quality submissions exploring the lessons, that can be drawn from interactions between “hard sciences” (physics, biology, chemistry, engineering etc.) and “economics, finance and business fields”. All varieties of methodological approaches (quantitative, qualitative, mixed-methods) are welcome. Contributions can take different forms. Examples of topics of interest can be:

  • Reflexive essays on interdisciplinarity\multidisciplinarity
  • Interdisciplinary articles mixing economic psychology, economic history or economic sociology with natural sciences 
  • Articles dealing with econophysics and sociophysics
  • Models or theories illustrating the rapprochement between natural science and social science
  • Applications importing ideas and methods from “hard sciences” to “social sciences”
  • Quantitative\qualitative research at the interface of social and “hard sciences”
  • The historical perspective of the relationship between economics and physical sciences.
  • Natural sciences, social sciences and philosophy of science.
  • General research aiming at identifying literature gaps of the relationship between social and natural sciences.

The objective of this call\conference is to bring together academics from all business, management and economic fields to interact on their findings and generate ideas for future research.

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