Society of Architectural Historians 2018 Annual International Conference

Країна: США

Місто: Saint Paul

Тези до: 15.06.2017

Дати: 18.04.18 — 22.04.18

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: Society of Architectural Historians


The Society of Architectural Historians is now accepting abstracts for its 71st Annual International Conference in Saint Paul, MN, April 18­–22. Please submit an abstract no later than 5:00 p.m. CDT on June 15, 2017, to one of the 45 thematic sessions, the Graduate Student Lightning Talks or the open sessions. The thematic sessions have been selected to cover topics across all time periods and architectural styles. SAH encourages submissions from architectural, landscape, and urban historians; museum curators; preservationists; independent scholars; architects; scholars in related fields; and members of SAH chapters and partner organizations.

Thematic sessions and Graduate Student Lightning Talks are listed below. Please note that those submitting papers for the Graduate Student Lightning Talks must be graduate students at the time the talk is being delivered (April 18–22, 2017). Open sessions are available for those whose research does not match any of the themed sessions. Instructions and deadlines for submitting to themed sessions and open sessions are the same.


A Matter of Life and Death: Spaces for Healing in the Premodern Era
Affordable Housing Design: Histories of Cross-Cultural Practices
All Ado about Bomarzo
Alternative Histories of the Pavilion
Architectural Preservation in Asia
Architecture and Disability
Architecture and Politics in Germany, 1918–1945 Reconsidered
Architecture of Diplomacy and Defense
Architecture of Finance: Commodities, Securities, and Urban Space
Architectures of the Slave Economy: Past and Present
Archive and Discourse: What Architecture Award Programs Tell Us
Atmosphere and Architecture
Burnt Clay, Cross-Cultural Experiences
Caribbean Architectures from Emancipation to World Heritage
Causes for Admiration: Objective Beauty in Architecture
Climatic Landscapes
Cold War Architecture
Colonial Past in the Neo-Colonial Present
Constructing Memory in Ancient and Pre-Modern Architecture
Contemporary Religious Architecture in Latin America
Designing Homo Sapiens: Architecture, Environment, and the Human Sciences
Digitizing Architectural Heritage: What Role History?
Exploring “Form” across Geopolitical Divides
Fleeing the City? The Tragedy of the Commons in the 21st Century
Global Concrete: Aesthetics, Technics, Politics, 1945–1975
Graduate Student Lightning Talks
Histories of Architecture Against
Infrastructure as Artifact
Life to Architecture: Uncovering Women's Narratives
Medieval Structures, Digital Tools, and Architectural Knowledge
Michelangelo Architect: New Approaches
Modern Architecture and the Rise of the New South
Open Sessions
Queer History at the Intersection
Reconsidering Renaissance Architecture and Urbanism
Religion in Secular American Architecture
Shaping Muslim Sacred Space in the Diaspora
Temporal Junctures
Thalassic Architecture: Medieval and Renaissance Italy and the Sea
The Architecture of Commercial Networks 1500–1900
The Architecture of the Political Realm beyond the Assembly Room
The Audience for Architectural History in the 21st Century
The Legacy of James Ackerman
The Stagecraft of Architecture
Unheard Voices: New Interpretations of Minnesota's Landscapes
Visualizing Ruined Asia’s
Working with Mr. Gilbert: Cass Gilbert and His Collaborators

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