Fourteenth Asia-Pacific Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance and Banking

Країна: Малайзія

Місто: Kuala Lumpur

Тези до: 30.06.2017

Дати: 10.08.17 — 12.08.17

Область наук: Економічні;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: Greater Vision Conferences & Seminars


The Annual Malaysia Conference will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from August 10-12, 2017. The conference flyer which has all the details pertaining to the conference can be downloaded from the website. You may please submit your abstract/full paper/case studies and posters by email or submit online using our online submission window available at the paper submission page.
Panel Discussion on ‘Building Self-Confidence in Young Minds’.

During the conference, the conference team organizes a panel discussion on ‘Building Self-Confidence in Young Minds’ – Do teachers have any role to play?. Of course, the panel will include experts on the above topic with very rich experience as mentors and guides for the students. Many interesting and thought-provoking lectures would also be arranged on contemporary topics concerning higher education, research and student welfare.

The upcoming conference is being jointly organized by Global Business Research Journals (GBRJ), Greater Vision Conferences & Seminars, Dubai-UAE and SDMIMD, a prestigious management school functioning in Mysore, Karnataka State-India.

Conference Objectives:
Economic Growth – An important phenomenon!

A welfare society can witness balanced economic growth only if all the citizens have the opportunity to actively participate and contribute to the growth process. Economists and development banks/financial institutions term these phenomenon as ‘inclusive growth’. In order to achieve these, policies pertaining to agriculture, infrastructure, industrial growth, fiscal and monetary aspects should be according to the desired lines.

‘Growth is inclusive when it allows all members of a society to participate in and contribute to the growth process on an equal basis regardless of their individual circumstances’ – states a report published by Asian Development Bank in the year 2007. In simpler terms, ‘growth with equal opportunities’ which means that any economic growth should benefit the average citizen.

Nations should aim at creating employment opportunities to keep the work force fully engaged. In the words of noted economist, Paul Krugman: ‘An unsold commodity is a nuisance, an unemployed worker, a tragedy; it is terribly unjust that such tragedies are created every day by new technologies, changing tastes and the ever-shifting flows of world trade’.

One answer to this perennial problem is to implement inclusive growth in a society.
Inclusive Growth Leads to Sustainable Economic Growth!

Economists further argue that ‘inclusive growth in the long-run leads to sustainable economic growth. In a nutshell, in a conducive atmosphere, inclusive growth helps an economy to grow phenomenally. For this, a fair and unbiased regulatory environment and equal opportunity for all segments of the population are necessary as it will lead to raising the standard of living of people, so far excluded from the main stream.
Coordinated Effort! The Need of the Hour!!

Considering the above aspects, the upcoming academic research conference in the beautiful and vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia aims at achieving the following objectives:

a) identify and analyze the major factors that help solid economic progress through inclusive growth;

b) examine the factors which contribute to a welfare society and the ways and means to ensure coordination among the said factors;

c) provide an ideal platform for researchers, economists, financial institutions/bankers and practitioners to share their research and practical experiences on all the major issues highlighted as above in raising the standard of living of people;

d) offer suitable solutions to ensure an orderly growth of the global economy and bring prosperity and sustainable economic development to the World, in the long-run.

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