Special Collection on Innovative Design of Control System and User Interface for Teleoperation Robots

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Тези до: 10.07.2017

Дати: 10.07.17 — 10.07.17

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Е-мейл Оргкомітету: chenguang.yang@swansea.ac.uk

Організатори: Advances in Mechanical Engineering


Rapid development in the field of robotics has created a plethora of applications which have wider implications for our society. As an important member of the robot family, the telerobot has been employed in various applications such as space and subsea exploration, intelligent manufacture. It has also been exploited in emerging areas including the medical operation, health care, home services, edutainment, etc. 

The recent research trends on telerobot control focus not only on stability, robustness, and high precision but also on dexterity and versatility. Moreover, user-friendly interface designs that enhance an operator’s immersive experience and telepresence have attracted much research attention. The interactions between users and telerobots play a significant role as the performance of teleoperation may be greatly affected by human factors. These could be reflected by the physical and physiologic signals collected from the users, e.g., force, electromyographic signal and electroencephalogram, etc. The fusion of multi-source information, such as haptic, visual and audio signals, based coordination of sensing is a key approach to enhance the teleoperator’s experience and to improve the efficiency of teleoperation. In addition, to complete tasks in unknown, complex and dynamic environments, the control system should adapt according to external variations. Ideally the telerobot control systems should also adapt in accordance with motor behaviour’s characteristics of an individual human operator to perfectly achieve an optimal matching of motion patterns between the human and telerobots.

The main goal of this special collection is to disseminate the findings from recent original research, review articles on telerobot technologies and to publish advances relevant to the teleoperation system on control systems and user interface design innovations. Particular interest will be given to teleoperation systems with adaptation to individual human operator, shared control strategy incorporating human user’ flexibility, integration of haptic and visual feedback, fusion of both physical and physiologic signals in human robot interface, intelligent control systems dealing with environment uncertainties and relevant technologies enhancing stability, flexibility, dexterity and user experience. Generally, we invite researchers interested in advancing teleoperation interface design and telerobot control design to contribute their original research or review articles of the topics including but not limited to the following subspecialisations. 


Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Neuro networks control, fuzzy control, adaptive control and their applications in telerobot

  • Personally customized control systems for telerobot operators

  • Human factors centred control design for telerobot

  • Shared control strategy with human flexibility

  • Manipulative skill transfer from operator to telerobot

  • Learning and generalizing motion primitives

  • Operator intention recognition and prediction 

  • Task allocation and motion planning for telerobot

  • Telerobot systems modelling, optimization, simulation and experiments

  • Communication methods research for teleoperation system

  • Visual processing based object detection

  • Visual servoing for object tracking and obstacle avoidance

  • Haptic processing for object identification 

  • Bio-signal processing for telerobot control

  • Immersive visual feedback interface design

  • Virtual reality/Augmented Reality/Mixed reality based teleoperation

  • Multi-sensors fusion for teleoperation control/feedback

  • Quantification and measurement of user experience of teleoperation 

  • Mechatronic design of haptic feedback interface

  • Ergonomic design of operation interface

The submitted manuscripts for this special collection will be peer-reviewed before publication.

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