Traineeships at the ECML

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Traineeships at the ECML

The ECML offers traineeships, lasting in general 6 months, twice a year. According to their field of interest applicants can choose the main area in which they would like to be involved: organisation of events and meetings (Programme), documentation and resources (DRC), the Centre's website (Website) and finances and general administration (Administration).


The ECML has offered traineeships since 1997. The scheme has proved a highly successful means of developing further contacts between the Centre and its member states. Recruiting young professionals from all over Europe to join its team for a short period both reinforces the Centre’s role as a place of international cooperation and promotes an atmosphere of intercultural learning. For the trainees it often represents their first experience of an international organisation. The scheme which the ECML now offers is the result of a learning process and is adapted to meet the needs both of the Centre and the trainees themselves.

Application deadlines

  • 28 February for the period July to December
  • 31 August for the period January to June of the following year

Although we do not systematically follow the careers of our trainees, from our ongoing contacts we see that many have continued to work in the area of international cooperation. We would like to think that their stay at the Centre has influenced their decision in this respect.


Accommodation is not automatically provided by the ECML although the Centre does assist in finding accommodation to cover the trainees' stay in Graz. The majority of trainees are lodged in student halls of residence in Graz, which are reasonably priced and offer the opportunity to meet other young people.

Of course there is always the possibility of finding private accommodation through newspaper advertisements etc. but this may be difficult to organise from a distance and the owners may be unwilling to rent their property for a period of only 6 months.

Working conditions

The ECML is centrally located five-minutes walking distance from the heart of Graz. The large open-plan offices are well equipped helping to create an informal and friendly working environment. In terms of hours spent at the ECML - a working week consists of 38 hours and 45 minutes which means you will have time to explore what Graz and the surrounding regions or even countries have to offer!


The trainees are entitled to 2 days leave per month, which means a total of 12 days for the six-month period. It is possible to take more than 2 days at a time although leave should be scheduled taking into account work commitments in consultation with the relevant colleague.


The selected trainees receive a formal letter of acceptance from the ECML informing them about the duration and the conditions of the internship. Normally, this letter is sufficient for nationalities, requiring a visa to enter Austria. In case of problems regarding the visa, the ECML can directly intervene with the relevant Austrian embassy.Formalities

Since 1 January 2006, trainees who are not citizens of the European Union must obtain a residence permit (Aufenthaltsbewilligung) from the relevant Austrian embassy. If a trainee intends to stay more than 6 months (i.e. beyond the duration of his/her traineeship at the ECML), he/she can obtain the necessary permit only from the Styrian government after his/her arrival in Graz. In all cases, the purpose of the stay corresponds to a special case of employment from the law on the employment of foreigners. The ECML will assist you in the submission of the application.

Right after the arrival in Graz it is necessary to "declare" the length of your stay in Austria to the local authorities. For this purpose the trainees must fill out the Meldezettel form that the ECML will provide. The Meldezettel must be signed by the keeper of the residence where the trainees stay.



The trainees receive a subsistence allowance of about € 720 per month. This amount is reduced upon a pro rata basis for the first and/or last month of the traineeship in case the trainee officially begins later than the first day of the month and/or ends the traineeship before the last day. The allowance is paid by the Council of Europe at the end of every month, so if the trainee starts work on July 1st, the payment will not arrive until July 31st. This can be a problem at the beginning of the stay as a deposit and an advance payment are often required for the accommodation; the Centre offers financial support so that newcomers do not get into financial problems because of their internship.

Travel costs to and from the ECML are not covered by the Centre.

Most trainees find it convenient to open a student account at a local bank in Graz. A valid passport, a student card and the Meldezettel are the only documents required for this purpose.



Each month an amount of approximately € 20 is deducted from the allowance of the trainees to cover the insurance costs during their stay. This insurance covers medical expenses during the traineeship. The Centre will provide you with more detailed information on health insurance after your arrival.


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