Electrify Europe Conference

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Місто: Vienna

Тези до: 20.10.2017

Дати: 19.06.18 — 21.06.18

Область наук: Технічні;

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Continuing POWER-GEN Europe and DistribuTech's tradition of providing innovative content presented by hand-selected thought leaders and visionaries, Electrify Europe will feature a multi-track conference programme designed to create a strong narrative on the contemporary and anticipated developments and trends in the electricity sector's integration and digital transformation. Electrify Europe will offer a dynamic and rapidly expanding ecosystem in which economic ideas, technical solutions and political visons co-exist, co-operate, collaborate, and co-create to take the power industry in Europe forward into a new, exciting future.


     Themes and Topics

Asset Management & Optimizationa
Asset Management & Optimization

    3-D Printing/Additive Manufacturing
    Asset Operations, Maintenance and Servicing
    Asset Optimization
    Data Driven O & M Strategies
    Decommissioning and Re-purposing
    Digitalization of Assets (Conventional, Renewables & Grid)
    Grid Architecture Reinforcement
    Life Extension and Refurbishments
    Resilience and Disaster Planning
    Steam Plant Improvements
    Workforce Management & Optimization

Customer Strategies, Technologies and Advanced Metering Infrastructure
Customer Strategies, Technologies and Advanced Metering Infrastructure

    Behind-the–Meter Strategies
    C&I Energy Management
    Customer Engagement and Management
    Data-driven Insights and Actions (customized customer offerings)
    Domestic Energy Storage
    Energy Efficiency Programmes
    Internet of Things
    Products and Energy Services
    Smart Buildings and Smart Cities
    Smart Meters and Tariffs
    Transactive Energy - Advanced Customer Portals, Billing and Settlement Systems,
    i.e. Blockchain

Digitalization & Data
Digitalization & Data    

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    Big Data and Advanced Analytics
    Data as a Revenue Stream
    Energy Cloud - Monetary, Electric and Data Flows
    Grid Management Automation Solutions
    Internet of Energy
    IT/OT Convergence
    Open Application Programming Interface (API) Platforms
    Plant Digitalization, Automation & Controls
    Real Time Data Technology
    Standards & Regulation (Compatibility, Performance, Development, Governance)

Distributed Energy Resources
Distributed Energy Resources

    AI based management automation
    Community Energy
    Demand Response/DSM
    Distributed Energy Resources Management Systems (DERMS)
    Electric Vehicles and charging infrastructure
    Electricity Generators’ and Distributors’ role in Smart Cities
    Energy Storage
    EV storage capability
    Heating, Cooling and CHP Integration
    Renewable Energy Grid Integration
    Renewable energy projects
    Renewable Energy Technologies
    Small Scale Renewables
    Solar PV Grid Integration & the Prosumer
    Virtual Power Plants

Environmental Issues
Environmental Issues

    Carbon Capture & Storage
    Decarbonization of electricity
    Electricity’s Role in Decarbonizing Heat & Transport
    Green Grid
    NOx, SOx and PM Emissions Control Strategies and Technologies
    Other Air Pollution Control Advances
    Policy and Regulatory Issues (Winter Package, 2030 Climate & Energy Framework, Energy Roadmap 2050)
    Strategies and Technologies to Reduce Water Usage
    Tariffs and Incentives for Renewable Energy Development
    Weather & Climate issues

Flexible Generation
Flexible Generation

    Capacity Markets and other Mechanisms
    Flexible Operation
    Gas Turbines
    Grid and Generation Flexibility
     HRSGs & BOP
    Hybrid Solutions
    Large scale energy storage
    Project Development
    Reciprocating Engines
    Waste to Energy

Smart Grid & Smart Infrastructure
Smart Grid & Smart Infrastructure

    Advanced Distribution Management Systems
    Communication and Network Technologies
    Energy Storage and the Grid
    Grid Planning Strategies – Real-Life Examples
    Grid’s Role in Security of Supply
     HV infrastructure and Interconnectors
     Integrating Centralized and Decentralized Energy Into the Grid
    Operating the Green Grid

Strategies for an electrified Europe
Strategies for an electrified Europe    

    Electric Heating and Cooling with Green Grid (power to heat conversion)
    Electric Transportation/Mobility with Green Grid
     Financing infrastructure investments
     Future Utility
    Investment and Ownership
     Mergers and Acquisitions
     Power Generation Portfolio
     Sector Coupling
    Transformation Change Management


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