15th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC)

Країна: Австрія

Місто: Graz

Тези до: 20.11.2017

Дати: 23.07.18 — 28.07.18

Е-мейл Оргкомітету: icmpc@uni-graz.at

Організатори: European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music


Since  1994,  the  ESCOM  triennial  conference  has  been  combined  every  six  years  with  the  biennial  ICMPC. In 2018, the two conferences will be combined for the fifth time .

ICMPC  and  ESCOM  have  similar  aims.  Both  support  and  promote  the  dissemination  of  empirical  and  theoretical  research  from  a  wide  range  of  musically  relevant,  scientific,  empirical  based  disciplines,   including   psychology,   cognitive   sciences,   neurophysiology,   linguistics,   computer  science,  artifici al  intelligence,  acoustics,  psychophysics,  sociology ,  and  systematic  musicology .  We also  welcome  interdisciplinary  presentations  that  involve  humanities  and/or  practically  oriented  disciplines.   Relevant   humanities   disciplines   include   music   theory   and   analysis,   musicology,  ethnomusicology,  anthropology,  history,  aesthetics,  and  philosophy;  relevant  practically  oriented  disciplines include music performance, composition, education, medicine, and therapy.

Topic areas 

Aesthetics (philosophy, meaning)

Cognition (language, learning, memory, imagery, expectation)

Creativity (composition, improvisation)

Developmental psychology (education)

Emotion (expression, communication)

Epistemology (methods, approaches, interdisciplin arity)

Ethnomusicology (anthropology, cultural and cross - cultural studies)

Health (medicine, therapy, well - being)

Movement (gesture, dance)

Music theory (analysis, structure, history)

Origin of music (function, evolution)

Perception (attention, ecology,  embodiment)

Performance (timing, singing, technique, ensemble)

Physiology (neuroscience, motor control)

Pitch (melody, harmony, tonality)



Веб-сторінка конференції: https://music-psychology-conference2018.uni-graz.at/en/