European Iron club meeting 2018 for professionals in Biomedical Inorganic Iron

Країна: Швейцарія

Місто: Zürich

Тези до: 06.11.2017

Дати: 08.02.18 — 11.02.18

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: European Iron club


The first day of the European Iron club meeting 2018 will consist in  a “Masterclass” entitled  “Iron principles and iron disorders” aimed to an general audience of clinicians and scientists interested in the biology and role of iron in human health. We are honored to be able to host some of the most renowned researchers in iron biology worldwide.

The aim of the masterclass are to showcase the role of iron in human physiology from the molecular level to the metabolic level, in an approach to bring together novel research findings and practices, both from fundamental research as well as well as from the clinical-health perspective, with the aim to present an overview of the recent advances in the management and understanding of disorders in iron metabolism.

The journey will start with lectures focusing an update of cellular and molecular understanding  of iron metabolism and will quickly move towards the main clinical applications of iron related therapies and clinical decisions.

The Swiss Society for General and Internal Medicine recognizes the masterclass as continuing education for MD with (6 credits).

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