12th Congress of South-East European Studies: Political, Social and Religious Dynamics in South East Europe

Країна: Румунія

Місто: Bucharest

Тези до: 20.12.2017

Дати: 02.09.18 — 07.09.18

Е-мейл Оргкомітету: congress2019@aiesee.org

Організатори: The Romanian National Committee of AIESEE


The Romanian National Committee of AIESEE has the pleasure to announce the main topic of the 12th Congress of our Association: “Political, Social and Religious Dynamics in South-East Europe”. Herewith you will find 33 sessions proposed for this occasion. As usual, the working languages will be French and English.
The congress will be held in Bucharest, between 2 and 7 September 2019 and will be opened to all members and collaborators of AIESSE, as well as to young researchers and PhD students.

Proposed Sessions:
- Religious Dynamics between the Pontos Euxeinos and the Aegean Sea in Antiquity
- Urbanization in South East Europe in Roman times
- The Religious Basis of Power in South East Europe
- The Ottoman Conquest of the Balkans: Structural Change and Continuity
- Networks in South East Europe: Politics, Trade, Culture (14th-17th Centuries)
- The Black Sea and its Straits: a Permanency of South East European History
- South East Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean
- Devotion and Pious Donations to the Holy Places within the Ottoman Empire
- Orthodoxy, from Empire to Church. Social Manifestations and Cultural Forms of Faith
- Translations of Patristic Literature in South East Europe
- Biblical Apocrypha in South East Europe. Variation and Transmission from Antiquity to Modern Times
- The Printing Press in and for South East Europe
- Between the Imperial Eye and the Local Gaze. Cartographies of South East Europe
- Demetrius Cantemir’s South East Europe
- South East Europe as Science. The Birth of a Scientific Discipline
- Merchants in the Balkans: Family and Geographical Solidarities, Networks and Commercial Techniques
- The Phanariote Literature
- Between Czar, Kaiser and Sultan: New Approaches to the Age of Revolution in the Lower Danube and the Black Sea Area
- On Rivers and Seas: Hydropolitical Conflict and Maritime Cooperation in South East Europe
- The Formation of South-East European Nations and the National Unifications
- The Migration. Human and Political Condition in South East Europe
- From Ani to Romania: History, Tradition and Iconography
- Georgia and South East Europe: Byzantine Heritage and Common Cultural Path
- Religious Minorities in South East Europe
- Experts, Technology, and State. Making the Modern Environment in South East Europe
- New Perspectives on Balkan Linguistics
- Exit from the Great War: South-East European Societies from 1918 to 1923
- The Legacy of the Treaties of Paris (1919-1920), a Century after
- Doctrines, Movements and Totalitarian Regimes in South East Europe in the 20th Century
- Remigration and Transformation in Post-Socialist South-East Europe
- The European Union, South-Eastern European State and Relations with Neighbours
- Conserving the Cultural and Artistic Heritage in South East Europe
- Perspectives on the Digitization of Documents in the South-East European Archives

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