International School of Nanomedicine 3rd Course: “Nanofluidics, Nanoimaging and Nanomanipulation”

Країна: Італія

Місто: Epice

Тези до: 15.01.2018

Дати: 05.04.18 — 11.04.18

Область наук: Нанотехнології; Хімічні;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: Nanomedicine Center of the University Milano-Bicocca


The course is co-organized with the Nanomedicine Center of the University Milano-Bicocca - NANOMIB
The course focuses on the state-of-the-art techniques and advanced biophysical methods related to Nanomedicine.
The Scientific Program includes the following topics:
Nanofluidics: i) Nanopores, ii) Nanofluidics, iii) Microfluidics
Nanoimaging: i) STED and PALM, ii) FLIM-STICS, iii) Light sheet microscopy
Nanomanipulation: i) AFM, ii) Magnetic Tweezers, iii) Optical Tweezers
 The course will provide many opportunities for interactions and discussions between students, postdocs, junior as well as senior investigators, encouraging and promoting networking between them. The Course will be located in the old pre-mediaeval city of Erice providing an amazing setting for high intellectual endeavor.
 We encourage Early Career Researches to present their  investigations by submitting an abstract for either oral or poster presentation.
​The great Sicilian hospitality is aimed at forging collaboration and exploring ideas though multidisciplinary approaches.

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