ACM SIGCHI DIS 2018 – Designing Interactive Systems conference

Країна: Гонконг

Місто: Hong Kong

Тези до: 09.01.2018

Дати: 09.06.18 — 13.06.18

Область наук: Технічні;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету: chairs [AT]

Організатори: Hong Kong Polytechnic University


DIS 2018 invites submissions that address the following questions: Are our current models of user experience adequate in addressing diversity? What kinds of methods and processes are needed for designing for diversity? How can applications and technologies be designed to address diversity and even add to it in this era of giant global corporations? What are the ethical limits designers have to face when designing for diversity? When answering these questions, DIS seeks papers that make a contribution to knowledge in a believable manner. When submitting, you must select one or two of the following subcommittees:

    Do our design methods, processes and critical perspectives support diversity? How could they be improved and what are the limits?
    Your answer to this question can focus on methods, tools, and techniques for engaging people; researching, designing, and co-designing interactive systems; participatory design, design artifacts, research through design; documenting and reflecting on design processes, etc.
    Are our current models of user experience adequate in addressing diversity – or it is better to go universal?
    Your answer to this question may focus on places, temporality, people, communities, events, phenomena, aesthetics, user experience, usability, engagement, empowerment, wellbeing, designing things that matter, diversity, participation, materiality, making, etc.
    How to design applications that take into account diversity – or should we design universal applications?
    An answer to this question may focus on health, ICT4D, children-computer interaction, sustainability, games/entertainment computing, digital arts, etc.
    When designing systems, tools, and artifacts, should we design for particular situations and communities or go global?
    When answering this question, you can look at sensors and actuators, mobile devices, multi touch and touchless interaction, social media, personal, community-based, and public displays, etc.

We welcome and encourage theoretical contributions to DIS 2018. Rather than its own subcommittee, please consider submitting theory contributions to any of the above four subcommittees.

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