The Arctic Technology Conference (ATC)

Країна: США

Місто: Houston

Тези до: 13.03.2018

Дати: 05.11.18 — 07.11.18

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: OTC


The Arctic Technology Conference (ATC) is built upon OTC’s successful multidisciplinary approach, with 14 technical societies and organizations working together to deliver the world’s most comprehensive Arctic event.

ATC is a highly focused, international conference on the cutting-edge technologies and innovative practices needed for exploration and production in the Arctic.

To build a robust technical program at the 2018 conference, the committee is looking for experts to share their best practices and technical innovations across a range of topics. View the list of paper topics below and submit your abstract by 13 March 2018.

Ice and Harsh Environment
(Ice as an Engineering Material, Ice Load Prediction, Design and Modelling, Iceberg Profiling and Drift, Marine Icing, Metocean Ice Prediction and Ice Edge Monitoring, Measuring Ice Properties, Changing Environment)

Emerging Technology and Innovation
(AUVs and ROVs, Big Data, Remote Sensing, Alternative Energy Supply, Communications and Navigation, Simulations and Software)

Pipeline, Logistics, and Transport
(Pipeline Design, Pipeline Facilities, Testing and Stimulation, Flow Assurance, High Latitude Research Vessels, North West Passage and Northern Sea Route Transits, Passenger Ships in the Arctic, Polar Icebreakers and Ice Worthy Ships, Navigation Systems and Training, Logistics and Resupply, Arctic Ports)

Regulatory, Environmental, and Social Responsibility
(Local Content/Local Benefits, Involving the Indigenous People, Escape, Evacuation, and Rescue (EER), Health, Safety, Security, and Environment, Adaption to Climate Change, Polar Code and Other Regulations, Leasing – Legislation and Monitoring)

Resource Exploration and Production Operations
(Geology, Geophysics, and Reservoir Engineering, Onshore and Offshore Rigs, Drilling, Arctic Structures, Oil Spill Monitoring, Mining, Hydrates, Conventional Oil, LNG)

Other Arctic Topics
(Antarctic Experiences, Education and Training, Retention and Transfer of Critical Knowledge)

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