The 4th European Network of Japanese Philosophy Conference

Країна: Германія

Місто: Hildesheim

Тези до: 30.04.2018

Дати: 05.09.18 — 08.09.18

Область наук: Філософські;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: Department of Philosophy, Universität Hildesheim


The European Network of Japanese Philosophy (ENOJP) is pleased to announce its 4th Conference which will take place on September 5-8 2018 at the University of Hildesheim (Germany). We encourage applicants to send in proposals for individual presentations or group proposals of about 3 persons to collaborate on a panel together. Papers dealing with the conference theme “Übergänge – Transitions – 移り渉り” are particularly welcome, but papers on other aspects related to Japanese Philosophy will also be considered.

“Transitions” can be interpreted on the one hand as spatial continuities, the blurring of borders, spaces of openness or mediating intersections, on the other hand as temporal processes of metamorphosis, transformation or revolution. Spatiotemporal forms of movement are also phenomena of transition which leave objectified traces on their path without being identical to them. “Transitions” are characterized by vagueness and openness. They blur the boundaries of distinct phenomena and break up the borders of fixed definitions, enabling separate fields to resonate and opposing notions to interfere with each other.

In Japanese philosophy, we find a wide variety of philosophical insight into transitory phenomena. The notions of nothingness (無) and emptiness (空) in Daoist and Buddhist thought can be interpreted as modalities of openness which enable transitions and interpenetrations between different phenomena (自自無碍). This fundamental idea is also influential in contemporary Japanese thinkers. Nishida Kitarō’s “logic of place” emphasizes the (me-)ontological priority of encompassing fields and processes of self-structuring over rigid substances. Watsuji Tetsurō’s notion of “betweenness” (間柄) stresses the relationality and spatial transition of human existence which has inspired Hamaguchi Eshun to come up with his concept of “intersubject” (間人).

The thematic focus of the conference emphasizes the importance of such an engagement with “transitions” in the context of Japanese philosophy. Moreover, it aims at showing the possibility of an interdisciplinary transition between philosophy and other scientific and creative fields of knowledge and practice, enabling a “thinking in transition” that remodels itself continuously while engaging with current debates.

Please send your proposal responding to these questions or on any other relevant topics in the field of comparative and Japanese philosophy to the ENOJP at The proposal should contain a short abstract of a presentation or a panel (500 word max. with 5-10 keywords) either in Germna, English, or Japanese, and each presenter’s CV. For any questions or concerns, please send your inquiries also to the same address.

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