Call for Applications to the Turku Institute for Advanced Studies of the University of Turku

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The Turku Institute for Advanced Studies (TIAS) invites applications for 10 postdoctoral and 12 collegium researcher positions for a fixed-term period of three years. The TIAS research collegium promotes cutting-edge research in humanities and social sciences by recruiting researchers who are committed to interdisciplinary and innovative research. The call for applications opened on 12 February and closes on 13 April 2018.

The Turku Institute for Advanced Studies (TIAS), University of Turku, promotes cutting-edge interdisciplinary research in humanities and social sciences. The Collegium is supported by the Faculties of Humanities, Education, Law, and Social Sciences as well as Turku School of Economics, and spans the different fields and research themes of the Faculties.

TIAS supports the research profile of the University of Turku, which consists of six thematic collaborations: biofuture, digital futures, cultural memory and social change, children, young people and learning, drug development and diagnostics, and sea and maritime studies.

Applications Invited for 22 Researcher Positions

The Collegium offers 10 postdoctoral and 12 collegium researcher positions for a fixed-term of three years. Half of the positions start from January 2019 and the other half at the beginning of 2020. Researchers are selected to the positions through an international call for applications and a strict review process.

– TIAS researchers need to be committed to innovative, game changing projects. They should aspire to be at the forefront of their fields. Provided that the proposal falls within the subject areas of the five faculties which fund TIAS, the topic is less important than its academic excellence. In short, intellectual rigour matters more than topics, says Director of TIAS, Professor Martin Cloonan.

The positions of postdoctoral researcher and collegium researcher are directed at researchers who are at different stages of the researcher’s career path. Candidate with Ph.Ds who have graduated within the last five years can apply for the postdoctoral researcher positions, and collegium researcher positions are suitable for researchers who already have experience in conducting postdoctoral research and who are working towards higher academic positions. However, tenured professors are not eligible for the positions.

– The TIAS Board selects successful candidates on the basis of external evaluations.  The applicant's research plan and interdisciplinary activities are particularly highlighted during the selection. The applicants have to express how their topic is related to the research conducted in the faculties as well as to the University’s research profile, states Professor Cloonan.

Positions for Researchers Aiming to Change the World

The TIAS community offers a natural stage for discussions and new collaborations that combine different scientific fields and subjects. TIAS researchers are located at their own departments but meet each other regularly and take part in a number of interdisciplinary activities.

– We are a very diverse community, spanning the work of five faculties with one thing in common: we all want to conduct excellent research and go out there and try to change the world. The University of Turku offers an attractive working environment in an exciting intellectual climate within a city which benefits from its location near the sea, a vibrant arts scene and easy mobility says Professor Cloonan.

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