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Tuition waiver scholarships for bachelor's and master's degree programmes

Most of the English taught study programmes, still not all, offer tuition-waiver scholarships. The tuition-waiver scholarship covers the tuition fee if the student meets the nominal study load requirement. Nominal study load is completed if no more than 6 credits are missing from the 30 ECTS workload per semester. If students on tuition-waiver study places fail to complete sufficient amount of credits per semester, they have to pay for the credits not earned.

The tuition waiver scholarships are allocated at the time of admission. It will be noted in the admission letter whether a student is granted a tuition-waiver scholarship or a tuition fee based study place (needs to pay for studies).

Please check the website of each programme to find out whether a programme has tuition-waiver scholarships.

Scholarships for master's programmes

  • Dora Plus - for master's students (2018 details will be available in April, 2018)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs scholarships (2018 details will be available in April, 2018)

Scholarships for doctoral programmes

ShowPhD scholarships for degree studies, all fields

  • Dora Plus - for UT doctoral students: short term mobility (up to 30 days), doctoral students mobility (1-10 months)

For different levels, programmes and countries

  • Estonian national scholarship programme for international students - (2018 details will be available by the end of March, 2018)
  • Compatriots program for young Estonians living abroad: description in Estonian and description in Russian (2018 details will be available in April, 2018)
  • Raefond scholarship for international students of the University of Tartu (2018 details will be available in October, 2018)


Scholarships for the students already enrolled

There is a number of different scholarships the UT students can apply for once they are enrolled or in some cases need to be the students of II or higher semesters. Please see the whole list here