English and German speaking intern in translation agency

Країна: Венгрія;

Місто: Budapest

Додана: 20.04.2018

Роботодавець: TrM Translations

Тип: Internship;

Для кого: For editors;

Дедлайн подачі: 31.05.2018



TrM Translations (www.intohungarian.com) has an opening for an intern in Budapest, as part of the Erasmus programme, for a period of three to six months and weekly 30-40 hours starting late September / October 2018.

TrM Translations' mission is to become a foreign language communication partner our clients can fully rely on. As part of our internship programme, our interns can get an insight into many areas of the operation of a translation agency including translation and revision, recruitment of and interacting with freelancers, project management, client acquisition and sales, as well as invoicing and collecting.


    Linguistic / translation studies OR business studies
    Good command of English and German

Learn what our previous interns have to say:

"My internship at TrM Translations was absolutely helpful. I've learnt many aspects related to the translation business I really didn't expect having studied translation just from a linguistic point of view. As a matter of fact, translating concerns also IT, legal and business issues that every future translator should be aware of, and I am now thankful for the willingness of Istvan and his patient collegues. In addition, you will also find people ready to help you and join you in everyday life outside the office. I strongly recommend you this internship in the gorgeous city of Budapest in order to get deep into the translation business. Trust me, you won't just do photocopies while on the job :)" - Anastasia Gandolfi, Italy (2018)

“I had a great time working at TrM Translations. As my first working experience, I’ve learned a lot of useful things about the translation business, as well to be part of a team. The working environment was very calm and positive, the colleagues were very helpful. In addition, I’ve become more responsible as a person. I think this internship is a great start for a career into translations.” - Simona K., Bulgaria (2017)

Please apply directly through the Erasmus+ interface.
No financial compensation

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