International Conference on Entrepreneurship 2018

Країна: Індонезія

Місто: Surabaya

Тези до: 27.07.2018

Дати: 30.08.18 — 31.08.18

Область наук: Економічні;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: Universidade Da Paz; Institute of Business


ASEAN economy community in 2016 has changed business competition, not only among well-established firms but also small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia. Slowdown in global economic growth recently is proven to be a difficult years for most firms. Hence, firms are required to adjust their strategy to adapt with new economic environment and turmoil in economic circumstances. 

Based on Indonesia Statistical Bureau, SMEs contribute approximately 60% of total PDB in the region. SMEs are proven to be more resistant to economic crisis. Therefore, government has pay attention on SMEs by giving more incentives and competitive schemes to accelerate growth in this sector. Giving access to funding, improvement on technological ability, opening access to global market are the examples of government ‘policies to support SMEs. 

The need to build a sustainable business is imperative for the firms. On the other hand, SMEs, particularly start-up businesses are vulnerable to sudden change in economy. Recommend policy on building sustainable organization is crucial on this sector. Giving contribution on this sector, together with partner universities and institutions, Universitas Ciputra organizes Seminar and Call of Paper The 3th International Conference in Entrepreneurship Universitas Ciputra (ICOEN). The topic is ”Sustainable Entreprenurial Organizations” with the interest related to four areas of entrepreneurship, namely GABS (Government, Academic, Business and Social).


  • Agricultural Economics

  • Bioresource Technology

  • Business Management and Economics

  • Carbon & Climate Issues

  • Communication Science

  • Corporate and Commercial Law

  • Corporate Management and Culture

  • Design Interior & Architecture

  • Education and Vocational Education

  • Educational Psychology

  • Research & Development

  • Social Entrepreneurship

  • Technopreneurship

  • Tourism Management

  • Energy Convergence & Marketing

  • English Language Education

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Family Business Management

  • Financial and Accounting Management

  • Governance and Public Policy

  • Human Resources Management

  • Human Rights Law & Social Justice

  • Industrial Gas Utilization

  • Industrial Engineering

  • Industrial Psychology

  • Information Technology

  • Innovation Management

  • International Law

  • Marketing and Entrepreneurial Marketing

  • Metallurgical Environmental Engineering

  • Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing

  • Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise

  • Pio Psychology

  • Private and Islamic Banking

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