Politics and Image

Країна: Португалія

Місто: Coimbra

Тези до: 01.07.2018

Дати: 15.11.18 — 17.11.18

Область наук: Філософські; Політологія;

Е-мейл Оргкомітету: confpoliticaimagem@gmail.com

Організатори: Institute of Philosophical Studies , University of Coimbra


The Politics and Image Conference, to be held at the University of Coimbra between November 15-17, 2018, aims to provide a basis for reflection within Political Theory on the central role of image in the current political landscape. Given the increasing relevance of social networks, the multiplication of information sources and the emergence of concepts such as "alternative facts" and "fake news", among others, the Politics and Image Conference proposes to reflect critically on the conception of the political sphere as a locus of construction and reproduction of images, where programmatic claims and ideological-doctrinal alignments lose the importance they once had. In order to establish a transdisciplinary dialogue, with contributions from the entire spectrum of the social and human sciences, the submission of proposals, on the following topics is particularly encouraged:

• Fiction and representation in political power: the philosophical implications of a politics centered on the notion of image; the relation between politics and image in historical-intellectual perspective; Politics, figuration and imagination;

• Politics and performance: the personalization of politics in the context of social media;

• Image and the emergence of new populisms;

• Crisis of representation and representative systems;

• Politics and Aesthetics: the political dimension of artistic expression as a force for creating and diffusing images: cinema, contemporary art, performance, photography, painting, theater, architecture, literature, visual rhetoric, among others;

• Political Rhetoric and Discourse Analysis;

• New forms of Activism and new forms of censorship;

• Political Communication

.Politics and Marketing: Big data, micro targeting, social media, segmentation, branding;

• Politics and entertainment;

• Censorship and political systems;

• Politics and the media: from television to twitter, politics at your fingertips; the challenge of social networks to traditional journalism; the erosion of the boundary between factual objectivity and interpretive subjectivity;

• Politics and Nature: ecology as the paradigm of the 21st Century.

Веб-сторінка конференції: https://philevents.org/event/show/40202