The Kindertransport 80 Years On: Critical Approaches to Kindertransport Research and Historiography

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Місто: London

Тези до: 15.09.2018

Дати: 23.01.19 — 24.01.19

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Організатори: UCL Institute of Advanced Studies


The eightieth anniversary of the scheme that permitted over 10,000 unaccompanied, mostly Jewish, children to enter the UK  in 1938-39 seems a fitting time to approach a new, critical assessment of the Kindertransport and its origins, rationales, enactment and outcomes. This interdisciplinary conference welcomes papers that examine the Kindertransport with critical scholarly rigor, exploring less well-known aspects of the scheme as well as fresh perspectives on the more familiar Kindertransport themes.  Presentations are anticipated to be 20-25 minutes grouped into panels, with questions to follow each segment.  Participants will be invited to submit their papers after the symposium for a collected edition on the Critical Approaches to Kindertransport Research, Historiography and Representation.

This conference is being organised by Professor Michael Berkowitz, Dr. Jennifer Craig-Norton, Anita Grosz, Dr. Andrea Hammel and Lesley Urbach.  We are inviting contributions from a variety of academic disciplines.  Topics may include but are not limited to:

Critical Approaches to Kindertransport Research, Historiography and Representation

    Individuals and refugee organisations
    Kindertransport carers -- their motivations & roles
    The parents -- their perspectives, feelings and fates
    Issues of gender, age and identity
    Memory, representation and testimony
    The challenges of Kindertransport archival research
    Language, education, work and cultural adaptation
    Individual communities and the Kindertransport
    Kindertransport sub-groups i.e. national, religious, Youth Aliyah, etc.
    The Kindertransport and religion
    Evacuation and the Kindertransport
    Kindertransport and the media, film and literature
    Journey narratives
    Artistic representations, memory and material objects
    Kindertransport memorials and museum representation
    Comparative studies with other countries

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