Canadian (Re)Visions: Futures, Changes, Revolutions / Les (Re)Visions canadiennes: Projections, Changements, Révolutions

Країна: Польща

Місто: Lodz

Тези до: 31.01.2019

Дати: 25.09.19 — 27.09.19

Е-мейл Оргкомітету:

Організатори: University of Lodz


Over its 150 years as Confederation, Canada has undergone numerous political, social and cultural changes. It owes its current form of government and international position to certain political visions – or revisions – that can be traced back at least to the ideas of the Fathers of Confederation. Likewise, Canada’s present cultural formation can be said to spring from visionary practices of particular writers and artists, or to have been impeded by reactionary notions of others. One of the goals of this conference is to examine the ideas that became the foundations of the Canadian political and cultural present. It is equally stimulating, we argue, to consider those visions which, for one reason or another, were never actualized; to think on revolutions – whether in the political or the aesthetic sphere, or both – which either failed, or never progressed beyond the conceptual. What would present-day Canada and its artistic-literary scene look like if even a fraction of these (re)visions, revolutions or changes had been put into practice? And – from our own vantage point, in the here and now – what is the future of Canada and its culture? Will it be a modern, liberal state, or will it allow its imagination to be swayed by conservative values? Will the hard-won multiculturalist ethos of diversity endure in the arts?

In the hope of facilitating the development of new frameworks and invigorating the discussion of projected, unrealized or embodied Canadian futures as well as their representations in literature, film and other media, the organizers of the 8th Congress of the Polish Association for Canadian Studies cordially invite scholars working across various disciplines, as well as writers and artists, to submit paper and panel proposals which consider these and related questions within the broad field which we have indicated. Interdisciplinary perspectives are certainly encouraged; we also welcome abstract submissions from postgraduate students.

The following list of topics is neither exhaustive nor prescriptive:

 literary and / or artistic revolutions

 literature, the arts and the potential for social change

 Canadian modernism and modernity

 artistic communities as alternatives to traditional social structures

 artistic experimentation

 representations of alternative sexualities

 writing alternative histories, utopian / dystopian narratives, science fiction

 intermedial / multimodal innovations

 the challenges of postcolonialism

 posthumanist and transhumanist vistas

 reconstructing social norms (e.g. gender, LGBTQ)

 historical envisioning of colonial Canada (e.g. as an embodiment of French or British hopes)

 Canada and the American Revolution

 alternative visions of the Canadian state (rebellions, revolutions)

 the historical project of biculturalism and bilingualism

 Canadian counterculture; Canada and the Vietnam War

 movements for or against change, e.g. Alberta Separatism, Trans Mountain pipeline protests

 movements of Indigenous Peoples, e.g. Idle No More

 perspectives and critiques of multiculturalism and transnationalism

 the rise of the Canadian alt-right

 2019 General Elections (Conservative, Liberal or NDP victory)

 prospects of Quebecois separatism / sovereignty

the future of US-Canadian bilateral relations (e.g. NAFTA, immigration)

 Canadian foreign policy prospects

 environmental futures

 Canada in the digital age

 visions of the Canadian academia

 projecting methodologies: the future of Canadian Studies (e.g. disability studies, affect studies, animal studies)        

 translation of Canadian literature (into other languages, but also between French and English)

 reception of Anglo-Canadian literature in Quebec and of Quebecois / Franco-Canadian literature in Anglophone Canada

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